Gaze Interaction in the Post-WIMP World
CHI 2013 One-day Workshop

This workshop is a follow-up to our successful Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting at CHI 2012. The SIG focused on eye gaze as a highly effective, seamless, and fast means of human-computer interaction in various contexts, but showed that suitable applications and overall convenience are still lacking. Consequently, we see an expressive need for continued in-depth discussion on how the diversity of application contexts could specifically benefit from the incorporation of the user’s gaze. In this regard, we concentrate on gaze interaction in combination with post-WIMP interaction styles as opposed to traditional desktop setups to broaden the view for novel ways to interact with eye gaze. The objectives of the CHI 2013 workshop are to further promote this emerging field by addressing fundamental research questions regarding novel gaze-based interaction in the post-WIMP world.

Join us at CHI 2013 to discuss this exciting field of research:

on Saturday, April 27th, 2013
in Université Paris-Dauphine, Paris, France

See the following links for further information about the Call for Papers and the Goals of this Workshop. For further details about our workshop please read our workshop description document.

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Interactive gaze-supported applications in the Post-WIMP world